What Our Client's Are Saying...

Was skeptical and nervous being a man lol. I'm a believer! Lost 55lbs, feel better and now living a better lifestyle thanks to you.
I started the QuickStart Weight Loss Program 12 weeks ago and I am currently down 32 lbs. This is the first time I have ever been on a program and not been hungry or starving.
Connie B.
In just 4 months I have went from a size 40 waist (men’s pants) to now in my 32 in pants. This amazes me!
Mike A.
My daughter is 20 and she has battled her weight ever since she was in middle school. She was bullied and mocked; her esteem was very low. She had tried several plans and was not ever successful and had given up. She decided to do the QuickStart Program however, she did not want to attend any group orientation classes due to her embarrassment of her weight so the medical provider said “no worries just come, and we can do an individual session”. This was great! This individualized care and just taking the extra time with my daughter meant so much. I finally saw she was engaged and looked forward to getting healthy. She is now going on 8 weeks and down 27lbs; it is like she is evolving into such a new enthusiastic person who looks forward to life!
Darlene J.
When you get married and happy …. The pounds accumulate. We do everything together even gained weight together! We are now 3 years into our marriage and both of us were very overweight and we did not even feel like doing any of the activities we use to do such as hiking, or tennis or going to the beach. So, we finally decided it was time to ‘loss weight and get healthy together.’ We are now 4 months into the program and together we have lost a total of 72 lbs!” We are now back to being us again!
Richard & Monica S.
I am 48 years old and live in Pensacola Fl where the beaches are beautiful. After my 3rd child I put on 60 lbs and did not ever dare put on a swimsuit. I started the program November 2021 and I now have my new swimsuit and beach bag in hand. My family and I have become beach bums again. I never would in a million years thought I would have a swimsuit on again much less liking how my body looks in one. Total weight loss 58 lbs and counting….
LeAnn P.

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